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Imprensa - from 11 to 20
article from "Bancamatica":

Inside: Virtual Warehouse? It is already truth!;
Article from "Sistema impresa n.3":
Handling & distribution

Inside: A interbusiness virtual warehouse;
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Logistics & modality

Inside: The virtual warehouses are born;
article from "Datamanager":
The solutions in order to realize the E-Procurement

Inside: In the Virtual Warehouse, To optimize the times and the procedures of purchase;
article from "Corriere Economia":
The district becomes cyber

Plans/ My friend provider rationalizes supplyings. Super savings.
Unitec participates to the International Convention of Montebelluna
Industrial districts and Logistic: one challenge and an alliance winning for the increase and the occupation.
Unitec participates to the Day of study on the topic "the ITALIAN PMI OF FOREHEAD To the CHALLENGE Of the E-commerce: WHICH OPERATING CHOICES"
Turin Knows It Conferences Palace Sanpaolo-imi Offices
Article from "Soluzioni"
Inside: From 237 to the 1 - agreement between Unitec D and Man Roland Druckmaschinen AG
The Ag of the Outsourcing from "Soluzioni"
Article from "Capital"
Inside: All house, office and computer - a Neapolitan of reciprocation - virtual warehouses - etc....

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